You have done the hard work – now make sure your new skills are noticed by those that matter.

A trusted endorsement

DeakinCo. has partnered with badging platform Credly, to translate the learning outcomes you’ve demonstrated into a digital badge.

Digital badges are fast becoming the best way to share your skills with your network and potential new employers.

Credly only partners with accredited institutions

This means a Credly badge is highly valued. Your privacy is protected, giving you the control to choose the badges you want to share and make public. The metadata on each badge is hosted by Credly and is verified, making a digital badge more reliable and secure than a paper-based certificate. There is also no possibility of someone claiming your credential and your associated identity.

Build your professional profile

As you successfully complete a DeakinCo. online course or credential, you will be sent your digital badge by email.  You can choose to add your digital badge to your online profile, insert it into your email signature or share it via LinkedIn or your other social networks.

When your network and employers view your digital badge, encrypted metadata will tell them:

  • What you did to earn the badge: the topics covered in your course, concepts you have studied and how you passed the course
  • Who has confirmed you did the work: the badge will come from Deakin University
  • And why your new skills matter: the new skills you have built and how they meet the needs of today’s workplace.
Make your learning matter

As you earn badges, you can use Credly to build a personal professional profile, gain endorsements, and access transcripts summarising all your credentials. You can also access exclusive labor market insights, and find out which employers are hiring, what job titles you might be qualified for and what kind of salaries these jobs might earn.

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