13 JULY, 2021



When your sector has evolved from ‘telegrams to tablets’ and your future depends on ‘culture and capabilities’ your investment in people must be second to none. Cue the Telstra Performance Uplift Program.

Call up

Telstra sought an education partner to develop a learning program to assist their Product Managers. The goal? To lift consistency and capability across three streams from the product development framework, i.e.:

1.    customer centricity

2.    design thinking

3.    life cycle management.

After thorough research and several presentations, DeakinCo. tabled a suite of solutions for each of these streams.

Line up

We suggested that key success initiatives would be to:

·         harness global subject matter experts as well as current expertise

·         create learning that was blended, personalised and easy to access and deploy across global populations

·         combine learning with on-the-job opportunities for application and debriefing

·         deliver learning assets that could be repurposed and used across all of Telstra in the future.

Based on our efforts, Telstra chose DeakinCo. to work as its exclusive partner – which we did with energy and pride.

Wrap up

In assessing our work, a learning evaluation revealed that:

·         our content was well received by participants and considered contemporary and global

·         executive and SME sponsorship throughout the program was high quality and key to success (as it was used in the right elements)

·         the relationship between Telstra and DeakinCo. was highly collaborative and a true partnership

·         the program’s structure modelled 70:20:10 philosophy and the delivery plan had a sound foundation in innovative thinking about learning

·         the program’s digital assets and curated content were cleverly used to achieve the best impact and return on development spend

·         the facilitators received excellent feedback for their coaching, workshops and adaptation to change during the program’s rollout

·         the program received a Net Promoter Score that topped Telstra’s benchmark.

Telstra is now using some of the program’s assets in other performance initiatives that reach beyond the initial Product Manager audience.

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