19 JUNE, 2023


Mastering the game of business expansion


Tennis Australia, Australia’s governing tennis body – officially recognised by the Australian Sports Commission and the International Tennis Federation, recognised to have more elite players at the top of the world game, you need more people playing tennis more often, for longer. One of the driving forces to getting more people on tennis courts around the country are great tennis coaches.

Before 2006, the focus of tennis coach education was on developing practical on-court coaching skills.  However, it was identified coaches were required to build sustainable businesses to attract more people from all parts of the community to play tennis.  Additionally, with aging tennis facilities, coaches were required to build their knowledge and skills of facility management.  It was no longer enough for coaches to just coach. They had to successfully run, manage and grow tennis clubs and business facilities to meet tougher industry demands.

To these ends, Tennis Australia realised it needed to offer professional development in business management specifically tailored for tennis coaches. All Tennis Australia needed was a learning partner to help make it happen.


In 2006, DeakinCo. teamed with Tennis Australia to devise and deliver the Tennis Australia Master Club Professional Course.

The resulting Diploma of Leadership and Management targeted individuals excited by exploring what was possible and guiding them to an understanding of high-quality tennis services and facilities in a community setting.

Reviewed bi-annually to ensure the program reflects changing industry needs and the business environment, the ten-month course comprised twelve units closely matched to Tennis Australia’s learning and development vision.

The course’s aim was to achieve Tennis Australia’s mission by empowering tennis coaches and administrators to create an engaging environment that nurtured a challenging and enjoyable ‘tennis experience’.

The desired result was to empower participants to run and manage their tennis coaching business and facilities holistically to translate the many intrinsic benefits of the sport.

In short, through the program we wanted them to show, rather than tell.

“I found the Diploma very valuable to my business. It enabled me to reflect on my leadership and business practices and make necessary improvements to my work. It has also led to more career opportunities.” – Gemma Eaton, Diploma of Leadership and Management Graduate


Running continuously since 2007, with a pandemic pause the results have been nothing short of spectacular.

Many participants have reported major wins including:

  • Regional club membership up by 40 percent in 18 months
  • Increased government tender success
  • Promotion to senior management
  • Awards for coaching excellence
  • Global business expansion

Tennis Australia and DeakinCo.’s partnership proved extremely fruitful for both parties.

“Witnessing the businesses of past participants of this course thrive alongside the positive impacts of it on learners professionally and also personally is one of the key reasons that we continue to have this relationship with DeakinCo.” – Scott Rawlins, Professional Learning Manager

DeakinCo. is delighted to remain part of such an exciting and worthwhile initiative.

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