What are Professional
Practice credentials

The way the world works is constantly shifting, but traditional approaches to further education are stuck in place. Typical postgraduate study is lengthy, expensive and broad. At the same time, professional achievements in the workplace are often undervalued and difficult to quantify.

With Deakin Professional Practice credentials, individuals’ existing capabilities are independently certified and verified. So you’re up-to-date on where your workforce is placed in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Professional Practice credentials

A bird’s-eye view of capabilities.

Real-world capabilities exist at the intersection between training, expertise and experience. So, for every individual, we can provide independently assessed, university-awarded credentials that are specific to real-world skills and aligned with international qualifications and industry skill frameworks. No exams. No classes. Just your expertise demonstrated and verified.

For organisations

Deliver immediate ROI on workplace learning, measure real-world skills, and uplift workplace capabilities to help grow and retain the right capabilities to meet the demands of the future of work.


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For individuals

You receive a clear, independent appraisal that certifies your capabilities today, helps identify skill gaps to fill and sets up pathways for a better working future.


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Awarded by Deakin University

Independently verified by both academic and industry-based assessors, our Professional Practice credentials are awarded by Deakin University and are aligned to global qualification frameworks.


Global recognition

Simple 4-step

  • 1

    Collect evidence documents – you'll need 2–3 real-world workplace examples to back up your capabilities.
  • 2

    Write a reflective testimony to bring together your examples and evidence into a cohesive narrative.
  • 3

    Submit your evidence and written reflective testimony; record your video testimony.
  • 4

    Credentials will be assessed by an academic and industry assessor.

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  • Soft Skills

    Deakin’s core employability credentials are the ‘soft skills’, or human-centred skills, that professionals need to excel in contemporary workplaces.

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  • Leadership

    Great leaders are highly valued across all industries. Deakin leadership credentials offer tangible proof of your demonstrated ability to empower, motivate, inspire and manage.

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  • Technical Knowledge

    Throughout your career, gaining and expanding on technical knowledge gives you the opportunity to grow as a professional. Our technical knowledge credentials recognise the skills you’ve developed in a range of disciplines, from marketing to risk management.

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Earn credentials anywhere, anytime. All assessment activities are completed online and, as there is no coursework, activities can be completed around busy work and family commitments.

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A bird’s-eye view of capabilities