13 OCTOBER, 2023


The concept of a “learning culture” has become more critical than ever. It’s a powerful strategy that can drive innovation, adaptability, and sustained success within an organisation. At DeakinCo., we understand the significance of cultivating a learning culture, and we offer a range of services and tailored programs designed to support your organisation on this transformative journey.

Earlier this year, DeakinCo. proudly collaborated with DECJUBA, a prominent Australian and New Zealand retailer, to support their team on developing their learning culture, development and next steps for growth. This endeavour involved the expansion of their leadership team, providing fresh perspectives and skills geared toward realising their long-term strategic goals.

What is a Learning Culture?

At its core, a learning culture refers to an organisational belief that places high value on knowledge acquisition, skill enhancement, and professional development. It involves creating an environment where learning is not simply confined to formal training sessions but becomes a part of the organisation’s DNA. A learning culture encourages employees to seek out new information, experiment with fresh ideas, and continuously evolve to adapt to changing circumstances.

The benefits of embarking on a learning culture in your organisation include enhanced employee engagement, increased innovation and adaptability, the ability to attract and retain staff, and overall improved organisational performance.

DECJUBA’s commitment on delivering #AMAZING

Relaunched by Tania Austin in 2008, DECJUBA is a leading fashion retailer and over the past 12 years they have significantly grown their store footprint, from just five stores to over 140 stores and two online sites. They believe that their greatest asset is their people, and their growing team includes approximately 95% females, with over 1400 people across the retail and head office teams.

By supporting, inspiring, and challenging their team, DECJUBA has built a culture that empowers the team to achieve the brand’s promise to deliver #AMAZING at every touch point.

DECJUBA were clear on their next steps for growth, which involved expanding their leadership team with fresh ideas and skills to deliver on their long-term strategy. They had developed a leadership framework, mapping out the key capabilities which their future leaders would require to both grow the DECJUBA business but also to succeed within their roles. The missing piece was a partner that could build on this framework and provide a learning and development program that would help realise their goals and bring their vision to life.

The DECJUBA team also wanted a program that was niche in both the number of team members who were involved, as well as the program itself. All team members were given the opportunity to apply for the program, allowing them to reflect on their own achievements and goals, irrespective of the outcome of their application.

Recognising DeakinCo.’s successful reputation in Learning & Development, DECJUBA was impressed with our seamless ability to customise a learning model that aligned with the work DECJUBA had commenced. What piqued their interest was the Graduate Certificate of Management program, which allowed their team the opportunity to develop their own skillsets in areas such as empowerment and motivation, effective communication, and the strategic development of business plans.

Complementing this qualification, the DECJUBA team were also attracted to the Professional Practice Credentials, specifically Leadership which covered areas such as adaptive mindsets, leading and developing people, and driving strategic results. This mix coupled with a small cohort meant the business could keep the program highly focused but also gather key learnings and insights before executing across a larger group.

Inspire Organisational Learning with DeakinCo.

Cultivating a learning culture is an ongoing journey that demands unwavering commitment and dedication. By creating an environment where growth and development are of paramount importance, organisations can position themselves for sustained success.

When it comes to selecting the right partner to support your organisation’s growth and development needs, the choice is critical. It ensures that the potential for professional development and career advancement is fully realised.

The DeakinCo. team took the time to truly immerse themselves in the world of DECJUBA, building an in-depth understanding of their team and operations, both on-site and remotely, before embarking on any implementation. This approach allowed the DeakinCo. team to grasp the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of their leadership framework, enabling our team to tailor the most suitable solution for their unique business needs. Every step of the way, collaboration with DECJUBA remained at the forefront, ensuring that their vision and goals were consistently prioritised.

At DeakinCo., we’re dedicated to helping organisations create a thriving learning culture that drives growth and innovation. Our comprehensive learning solutions and tailored programs, are designed to empower your workforce for success. Contact us today to find out how we can help you establish a learning culture that inspires continuous growth.