16 JULY, 2024


The need for capable and flexible leaders is at an all-time high and Australian businesses are turning to innovative solutions in executive education to stay competitive.

As a leading provider of workplace learning solutions for Australian organisations, DeakinCo. is guided by Deakin University, one of Australia’s leading higher education providers with over 40 years of experience. DeakinCo. leverages the universities expertise and reputation to deliver high-quality, innovative, and industry based learning solutions, including:

  • Workplace training: Learning programs that address specific business challenges and opportunities. These programs aim to provide measurable learning outcomes and drive organisational performance.
  • Professional practice credentials: One of Deakin’s micro-credential options that allows individuals and organisations to have their capabilities recognised and independently verified. These credentials are a new way to ensure future-proofed skillsets in the workplace and ensure learning programs have a measurable impact.
  • Customised training solutions: Covering contemporary topics and emerging fields, our programs address gaps in your business, are aligned to your organisations strategy and capability frameworks, and builds new knowledge, skills and behaviours that improve workplace performance.

DeakinCo.’s commitment to providing solutions for your business

DeakinCo. stands out for our commitment to providing innovative executive and professional education programs. Our approach is based on understanding your industry and organisational context, strengths, challenges and culture and designing programs accordingly. By working closely with senior leaders and L&D teams, DeakinCo.ensures that our education solutions match the strategic objectives and challenges faced by your staff.

Our ability to customise learning solutions is our strength. Whether your organisation wants to improve workforce’s skills in digital technologies, develop leadership capabilities, or tackle specific industry challenges, DeakinCo. can adapt or create solutions that suit your organisational needs. We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach is not effective in the diverse landscape of modern business. In addition, we understand that delivering a workshop will not drive the outcomes required embedding learning in the flow of work will increase the impact of the program across the organisation. This approach demonstrates a deeper understanding of how executive education can be meaningful and beneficial for each participant’s career path, rather than just providing information.

Blend of technical and human-centred skills

Recognising the importance of a holistic skill set, DeakinCo.’s programs strike a balance between technical and human-centred skills. Through our offerings, DeakinCo. will work with you to ensure we are delivering the right capabilities to the right workforce level, ensuring we are delivering on the knowledge, skills and behaviours crucial for your organisation’s success. DeakinCo.’s programs equip professionals with the critical capabilities needed to thrive in the modern workplace.

Industry-relevant insights and workplace knowledge

Industry-relevant insights and workplace knowledge are essential for professionals who want to stay ahead of the curve.

Staying abreast of industry trends and integrating this knowledge into our education programs, allows us to deliver on critical skills such as leadership, professional ethics, or innovation. Our programs provide real-world insights, practical facilitation, and a cost-effective way to measure workforce capabilities, increasing employee engagement and ensuring business competitiveness.

DeakinCo. can help you guide your business into the future

The changes to the way we work this year and beyond, will create opportunities for organisations and L&D professionals to fundamentally adapt their approach to capability development in the workplace. DeakinCo., works with you to enhance your workforce capability by offering end-to-end solutions that develop and assess the skills that matter most.

“DeakinCo. has been instrumental in shaping our organisation’s future. In developing our capability framework and leadership programs we have created a solid foundation for growth. As our business transforms and evolves, it is imperative that we focus our learning investments where they truly matter, and DeakinCo. has helped us achieve that.” – Shelley Nolan, Director of Human Resources, Nutrien Ag Solutions.

To find out more about how DeakinCo. can support your workforce, contact our team.