22 AUGUST, 2023


The concept of leadership is undergoing a transformation that demands a new set of skills, a fresh perspective, and an unwavering commitment to growth. As businesses navigate technological advancements, shifting market dynamics, and the rise and fall of remote work, leadership takes centre stage.

Leaders must be equipped with the tools and capabilities to navigate complexity, inspire innovation, and drive sustainable success.

Traditional leadership models have given way to a more holistic approach that embraces adaptability, inclusivity, and continuous learning.

That’s why at DeakinCo. we set out to empower teams at every level with the knowledge and skills they need to excel. We believe that leadership is not a static trait, but a dynamic capability that can be nurtured and developed.

Game, Set and Match

Tennis Australia, Australia’s governing tennis body – officially recognised by the Australian Sports Commission and the International Tennis Federation, realised that to have more elite players at the top of the world game, they needed more people playing tennis more often, for longer. One of the driving forces to getting more people on tennis courts around the country are great tennis coaches.

Merely coaching was no longer sufficient for tennis coaches. The imperative extended to effectively operating, overseeing, and expanding tennis clubs and business establishments, all while navigating the heightened demands of the industry.

Recognising the necessity for specialised professional development in business management tailored specifically for tennis coaches, Tennis Australia identified the need for a strategic learning solution. DeakinCo. joined forces with Tennis Australia to conceptualise and implement the Tennis Australia Master Club Professional Course – a collaboration that has been in operation since 2006.

The resulting Diploma of Leadership and Management targeted individuals excited by exploring what was possible and guiding them to an understanding of high-quality tennis services and facilities in a community setting.

Reassessed bi-annually to maintain alignment with evolving industry demands and the dynamic business landscape, the ten-month program encompasses twelve units closely aligned with Tennis Australia’s learning and development vision.

“I found the Diploma very valuable to my business. It enabled me to reflect on my leadership and business practices and make necessary improvements to my work. It has also led to more career opportunities. “– Gemma Eaton, Diploma of Leadership and Management Graduate

DeakinCo. is thrilled to continue its involvement in this an exciting and worthwhile initiative. Since 2006, many Tennis Australia participants have reported major wins including:

  • Regional club membership up by 40 percent in 18 months
  • Increased government tender success
  • Promotion to senior management
  • Awards for coaching excellence
  • Global business expansion

“Witnessing the businesses of past participants of this course thrive alongside the positive impacts of it on learners professionally and also personally is one of the key reasons that we continue to have this relationship with DeakinCo.” – Scott Rawlins, Professional Learning Manager

Whether your team are stepping into their first leadership role, or they are seasoned executives seeking fresh perspectives, the DeakinCo. suite of tailored leadership programs go beyond theory – they are experiences design for real-world impact and empower aspiring and seasoned leaders to rise to new challenges and lead with confidence.

With our leadership programs, you’re able to improve your communication, motivation, delegation, and problem-solving skills to learn to inspire innovation and drive workplace performance.

To learn more about DeakinCo. leadership programs and how we can support your organisation, contact our team.