16 JANUARY, 2023


Creative marketing helps organisations to stand out and gain traction. So how can you encourage creativity in your marketing strategies?

Why is creativity important in marketing?

In a crowded landscape, memorable marketing is more essential than perhaps ever before. Whether you’re a not-for-profit organisation or selling retail products, creative marketing can help you grow brand recognition and recall. Fresh and innovative messaging can help you stand out and connect in meaningful ways, and benefit your organisation in a broader sense too.

What is creativity in marketing?

If you can surprise, delight or relate to your target audience in a unique way, they’ll be all the more likely to notice and remember you. Creative marketing can take a multitude of shapes, whether it’s evocative multi-channel storytelling or reaching your audience through unexpected channels. Rather than dazzling people with gimmicks or trends, the best creative advertising comes from a genuine and meaningful place. As the advertising icon David Ogilvy so succinctly put:

“Tell the truth, but make the truth fascinating.”

Why marketing teams need creativity

Breaking the mould with your marketing doesn’t just benefit your bottom line: it can have far-reaching benefits right across your business. Here are some of the reasons to imbue extra creativity and innovation in marketing for your organisation.

Creative marketing compels action

Whether you’re speaking to customers, clients or other stakeholders, chances are your marketing strategies intend to drive some sort of action. A creative approach can help to inspire interest and interaction, and as such can improve all-important conversion rates.

Creativity can differentiate you and your offering

Every organisation offers something unique – but how do you get your point of difference across when everyone’s clamouring for attention? A blend of strategic marketing and creativity can help you cut through the noise and showcase your Unique Value Proposition (UVP).

Creativity can strengthen key relationships

Engaging, relatable messaging can help to create emotional connections with your customers or clients, who are in turn more likely to trust and recommend your brand. This can also benefit the employee-employer relationship, as a renewed sense of pride can empower your employees.

Creativity can unite

Developing and meeting a creative brief takes thought, which means an organisation’s marketing strategies can be more closely aligned with its overarching goals. Creativity can help to crystallise and clarify what it is you offer, both for customers and team members. Sales teams, marketing teams and after-sales support can therefore all gain a greater understanding of the customer and their expectations leading into an enquiry.

Creativity can help you adapt in a dynamic marketing landscape

When you have fresh thinking coursing through your organisation, it becomes second nature to adapt to external challenges and changes. You could do more with less and reach more people, even on a modest marketing budget. You can adapt to any competitor challenges with strengths and surprises of your own.

How to adopt more creative marketing strategies

It’s easy to see the value of creativity and innovation in marketing, but how do you put this into practice? Here are some of the steps organisations can take to boost originality in their marketing strategies and beyond.

Nurture creative thinking and innovation

Everybody benefits when creativity is infused throughout workplace culture. Foster a collaborative culture with support from C-suite executives and managers, and provide the tools, resources and time needed for innovation to flourish. Share creativity in marketing examples, from classic ad campaigns through to the latest search and social techniques. Focus on building a diverse team, as different perspectives and experiences can bring a lot to the table. Recognise those at every level who come up with great ideas, and support the development of relevant skills through creative marketing credentials.

Use a customer-centric approach

Organisations will commonly focus on their product or offering, but turning the primary focus to the customer can help you unlock new creative insights. What does your audience need and want, and what stands in their way as they’re purchasing a product or choosing a service? What do they find funny – endearing – meaningful? What information are they searching for? This knowledge can be used to drive more relevant and intriguing marketing to connect with your audience in a genuine way.

Focus on your point of difference

Your point of difference could be to do with service, support, expertise, design or something else entirely. How can you focus in and showcase your point of difference in a n surprising way that stands out from the crowd? An expert team could offer genuinely useful advice and information that no one else in their industry offers through high-quality content marketing. Or perhaps the durability of your quality product could be demonstrated in a novel way. Let your strengths guide the way and inspire your strategies for marketing.

Drive ideas through data

At first glance data and creativity might seem somewhat at odds, but data-driven marketing can be ultra-effective when combined with creative thinking. Just consider how Spotify and Netflix employ user data to create highly personalised customer experiences. The average organisation will have many data points that could be used to drive creative strategies, from CRM data and email databases to social media analytics. Powerful ideas could be sparked simply by exploring behavioural, demographic, psychographic and contextual data.

Embrace experimentation

The digital era makes it easy to experiment and adapt quickly, testing out new messaging strategies and digital marketing skills. Fear of failure can quickly stifle creativity, so it’s important to have the right approach. Aim to learn from any ‘mistakes’ with enthusiasm, and use these to refine and strengthen marketing strategies. Remaining open to new ideas as an organisation will help creativity and imagination thrive.

Amongst the human skills that are essential in any company, creativity is one that is so often undervalued and underestimated. But encourage fresh and creative thinking for your marketing strategies, and you could see the benefits flow right across your organisation.

Boost creative capabilities in your organisation

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