Prepared with Deloitte Access Economics

This report seeks to understand the current state of L&D in Australia and quantify the value of L&D for organisational performance, drawing on bespoke survey data. It builds on previous research by Deloitte Access Economics for DeakinCo. which examined the role of soft skills for business success.

This report draws on data from a range of sources including a bespoke survey of 206 businesses in Australia, publicly available data such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), and a broad literature review, to understand the following:

  • What the current state of L&D is in Australia, including classifying businesses based on their learning maturity. We developed a bespoke framework covering the four key pillars of strategy, culture, measurement, and structure to categorise business. These pillars were identified based on broad desktop research and applied to the business survey to understand how Australian businesses are currently performing.
  • What the value of investing in L&D is for business performance. This analysis involved a broad literature review as well as econometric  modelling drawing on financial metrics from the business survey to provide a measure of return on investment (ROI).
  • What actions businesses can take to improve their L&D activities and unlock the associated benefits, by comparing what advanced learning organisations are doing, compared to the broader business sample.
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