28 AUGUST, 2023


In the evolving landscape of professional development, organisations are continually seeking ways to maximise the return on investment (ROI) for their Learning & Development (L&D) spend. As the demand for skilled and adaptable employees intensifies, the pressure to ensure that L&D initiatives translate into tangible business outcomes has never been greater.

In conversations echoing across our clients’ boardrooms, HR departments, and at leadership forums – a common refrain resonates: “How can we ensure that our investment in L&D yields returns?”

The challenge lies not only in creating effective capability programs but also in linking these initiatives to the overarching business strategy. It’s a puzzle that demands strategic insight, collaboration, and innovative solutions.

Strategic alignment

The answer is not just in providing workplace training; it’s about designing a comprehensive L&D program that works in with the broader business strategy. It is the synergy between professional growth and organisational goals that creates impact.

The DeakinCo approach

DeakinCo., understands that the journey to ROI begins early. The magic happens during the co-design stage – a pivotal phase where the DeakinCo. team collaborates with organisations to understand key priorities and chart a unique roadmap tailored to their needs.

During this exploratory and planning discussion, the DeakinCo. team delves deep to understand the organisation’s objectives, challenges, and vision. This partnership is not transactional; it’s a strategic alignment that ensures every element of the L&D program works in with the overall business strategy.

Realising ROI

The impact of strategic alignment reverberates throughout the organisation. When L&D is intricately woven into the business strategy, the outcomes include:

  • Relevance: L&D initiatives become integral components of employee and organisational growth.
  • Engagement: Employees understand the connection between their development journey and the organisation’s vision.
  • Performance: The skills acquired through L&D programs translate into enhanced job performance.
  • Retention: Employees feel valued when their growth aligns with the organisation’s trajectory, leading to improved employee retention rates.
  • Innovation: A strategically aligned L&D approach provides the organisation with fresh perspectives, driving innovation and adaptability.

The DeakinCo. approach is unique as it transforms the L&D landscape from a standalone experience to a collaborative journey. It’s about more than just acquiring skills; it’s about embedding growth into the DNA of the organisation.

In a world where maximising ROI for L&D is a priority, the importance of strategic alignment emerges as the key to success. DeakinCo.’s co-design stage acts as the way for organisations to embark on a path where investment translates into business growth and business success.

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