Creative Marketing

What is creative marketing?

For much of its history, marketing relied on well-used techniques and approaches to engage current and potential customers in a predictable manner. With the competition for audience attention constantly increasing in today’s diverse media landscape, it’s no longer possible to simply employ these tried and trusted methods.

Creative marketing practitioners utilise new and innovative methods of communication to deliver their message in a fresh, imaginative way. They understand how to engage audiences and give a distinct image and voice to a brand or product. In doing so, audiences learn to distinguish specific brands and develop a sense of anticipation and loyalty.

Why is creative marketing important in the workplace?

The skillset needed to excel at creative marketing is highly transferrable in the modern workplace and, as such, is highly valued by many organisational leaders. A survey of company executives by Forrester found that while 82% believe their company benefits from the presence of creativity, 61% do not view their company as actually being creative. Clearly, the demand for creative minds far outstrips the current supply.

Employees who can generate creative marketing concepts are less likely to rely solely on already-tested tactics. They are seen by company leaders as more agile and open-minded, as well as more willing to tackle a challenge by looking at it from new angles. Creative marketers are proactive rather than reactive, and look to stay ahead of the current trends rather than imitate what’s popular.

The responsive nature of creative marketing means that the customer experience is always front and centre. This is something many traditional marketing approaches leave unaddressed, leading to more shallow and less long-term engagement with the brand or organisation.

The changing nature of media and technology means that creativity in marketing is continually being challenged and redefined. The skills involved in creative marketing however, are highly transferrable and make you adaptive, like problem solving and lateral thinking. One thing is certain: creative marketing skills will remain sought after as our digital and physical environments continue to transform.

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