Workplace education you can measure.

For businesses, DeakinCo. offers tailored corporate training in response to your specific business challenges and opportunities. In a climate of constant change, lifelong learning is key to ongoing success.

From short courses to MBAs, entry-level to C-suite, it’s our mission to help organisations build the talent and in-demand skills required to succeed today – and tomorrow. And every return on investment is measurable in performance improvements and KPIs met.

Realise your workplace potential
Targeted learning for improved performance

Continued professional development is key to the sustained performance of your staff. By identifying areas for growth, we’re able to set your employees up with pathways to get there.

Good business is as much about agility and implementation as it is about knowledge. With our tailored ongoing training, you improve technical competence, cultivate profound understanding, foster strategic prowess, and future-proof your business.

Tailored workplace education with an end goal

Developed in conjunction with business and industry, our training modules span 29 human-centred capabilities, leadership, technical capabilities and more.

We’ll work with you to co-design course programs tailored to your organisation’s specific objectives. Or we’re happy to take the lead if you’d prefer to outsource your day-to-day workplace training and assessment.

Capability uplift to drive your business performance

You set the objectives, so it’s learning and development with an end goal. And, from short courses to innovative professional practice degrees, every program can be aligned to six international qualifications frameworks including the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Learning for life

In a climate of constant change, uncertainty, volatility and evolution, lifelong learning is essential for ongoing success. Continuous professional development empowers organisations and their people to stay current and stay ahead of the game.

As an RTO, DeakinCo. provides vocational qualifications and pathways to higher education that are developed for a variety of industries, each with its own industry-specific training and needs. Add our Professional Practice credentials to the mix and we can provide credits to fast track experienced workers, saving them time and money to gain their workplace qualifications.

Explore our
training options

  • Higher Education Pathways

    Our higher education pathways enable organisations to meet immediate training needs while supporting employees to attain formal recognition of learning and development (L&D).

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  • Professional Practice Degrees

    As an alternative to traditional higher education, Professional Practice Degrees accelerate the completion of a degree on the basis of prior learning and work experience.

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  • Vocational Education and Training

    As an RTO, DeakinCo. can develop client-specific VET programs to meet your organisation's needs. We help your people build existing skills and knowledge while learning new capabilities.

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